Minimal hardware requirements for trial/very low volume?

I’ve seen the hardware recommendations in the docs (2+ cores, 4+GB RAM), but I’m wondering how solid those requirements are for a very minimal install either for testing or for very low volume use (1-3 users, 2-10 tickets/day). I went back through the past few months of posts in here as well and other than “It’s going to be bad on a Raspberry Pi” I didn’t see anything that seemed directly relevant.

Basically, I don’t know enough about Zammad’s code and Elasticsearch to know how much of the memory requirement is for fast-access data structures in memory and how much is just the raw overhead of the software itself.

Basically I’m wondering if I can get away with throwing it onto $5/month SSD-backed ‘droplet’-scale hosting, or whether it’s going to need to be on a $20/month plan with 2vCPU and 4GB plus storage and transfer that aren’t needed at all.

To make it clear:
We clearly do not suggest running on “smaller” systems than we do recommend.
If you hit any performance issues and such, we will and cannot help you.

So far for the evil part. :slight_smile:
Technically you can run Zammad on a raspberry pi, but you would need a second one for elasticsearch. If you want to make it even better, also get the database on another pi.
Why? Because you do need elasticsearch for a complete functionality (searching and stuff) and won’t be able to run it all on the same pi.

This will give you a total of 1,5 GB RAM and might be at least better than nothing.
Big but: SD card speed will be terrible (apart from possible early failures).

As for VPS cheapest possible I know of would be contabo:
This is not totally perfect, but will meet our minimum reuirenment.

Hope this helps.


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