Microsoft 365 Channel didn't create ticket with specific email

  • Used Zammad version: 6.0.0-1691946056.47e1e571.focal
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS
  • Browser + version: Microsoft Edge 117.0.2045.36

Expected behavior:

  • Email comes into inbox.
  • Ticket gets created automatically.

Actual behavior:

  • Email comes in as normal.
  • Occasionally an email comes in but won’t get a ticket created.
  • Other emails continue to come in and tickets get generated, but not the specific email.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • This seems entirely random. The sender or content of the email doesn’t seem to matter. If I send it again it works fine, but the original email is still sitting in the inbox waiting.

  • In addition, I have reviewed the production.log file, but am not seeing any errors during that time frame.

  • Also, I checked my filters and Block notification settings, and am not seeing anything conflicting.

Is there something else I can do logging wise to figure out why these get dropped.

Also, I tried setting the message back to unread, and in the production.log I see the following message.

ignore message 1/1 - because message message id already imported

However, this message/ticket is nowhere to be found in Zammad.

Have you looked at the production log from when the ticket came in originally? Does it have attachments that are too large?

Yes, and it has the same message.

INFO -- : - ignore message 1/1 - because message message id already imported

Thinking about this more… This request has a subject that could be the same as something they would have sent before. If the subject is the same as a previous message, could it think it’s a duplicate, even if the body is different?

I think it is referring to the messageid in the header of the email. Which I would speculate to never be the same

Do you know… Is there a postgresql table that this gets matched up against? I was thinking maybe I could look and see if there is some conflicting message-id. It’s possible our SMTP mailer that sends these notifications could be doing something wonky.

Search for the message ID in the search bar of Zammad. You should find a ticket.
If you can’t find it, double check if you have access to all groups. If you don’t, then the ticket may be there but in a group you don’t have access to.

Zammad is intentionally not fetching known message IDs twice (they should be unique…). This is the correct behavior if you’re keeping mails on your server and protects you from accidentely marking emails as unread (which would cause a re-import).

Bingo. That’s it. We’re using IIS SMTP for this, and apparently it used the same message ID twice. Now I at least know what to dig into. Thanks!

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