Merging two tickets sends status mail to ALL other agents


  • Used Zammad version: 2.
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) apt
  • Operating system: ubuntu 16.04.4
  • Browser + version: chrome

Expected behavior:

  • When merging two tickets, which both belong to me and are open, the only one who should get a notification mail is me, not every other zammad agent.

Actual behavior:

  • every zammad agent gets a notification mail when you merge two tickets

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • have two tickets, open and assigned to an agent
  • merge the tickets


As far as I understand, you get this mail because the ticket is not assigned to someone anymore, but as the ticket is merged, there shouldn’t be a notification mail to all other agents of that group, right?

In my opinion, the merge-option could use some refactoring.

  1. The note that is created in the ticket says “merged”. This is translated but for some reason, the translation is not used.

  1. We use a trigger that send an email to the client as soon as we leave an external note. The “merged” note is a note and also is external. So the client receives an email saying, there is a new answer to the ticket. But then he/she only sees the comment “merged” It would be better it the note that is left by the “merge”-process is internal only.


That’s absolutely correct.
From what I can see and guess it, that you’re simply merging a ticket with an owner into a ticket without a owner. In that case the ticket you merge to will keep it’s meta values - in that case it’s “no owner”.

In the moment you merge those two tickets, both tickets are being updated - this causes Zammad to fire a notification.

The notification shouldn’t be sent if you merge those tickets in exactly the different direction.

I can understand the irritation, basically the ticket number you merge to is the destiny which will keep e.g. it’s owner.

I made a small screencast that hopefully demonstrates it good enough, if not, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

So I’m not allowed to set an owner first, alright.
But I agree with @ecomsilio, this could need a little rework. If the ticket has an owner and you merge it, there is no need to inform every single other group member ^^

If you merge the ticket in the “right direction”, there will be no notification.
Any change to any ticket without an owner will cause a notification to every agent being member of the group (at least within default).

Changing this for just merging would be unexpected behaviour - at least in my opinion.

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