Merge view - add custom columns

is it possible to change columns in the view? I created custom object “Order num” and wanted to add it to the merge view, to merge separate tickets via its order number.

You can’t adjust the merge screen without custom changes in the source code, sorry.

The use case is that we are using Zammad for online store, we’re receiving e-mails related to the order number from different sources like i.e.:

  • payment gateway
  • online store (status order change)
  • customer (order change, order cancellation, order question etc.)
  • ERP system (order status change) [will be implemented soon]
    Almost every above message has set “Order number” custom object. We plan to use it as an order timeline. Without this information listed (order number), we can’t merge tickets correctly.
    I see from this post that I can make it programmatically. Is there an option or it’s planned to do bulk merge?

Sorry I can’t provide information on features that may or may not come. Same applies to ETAs.
If there’s no enhancement issue on Github yet, it’s unlikey as of now. If we have a feature request on this community, vote the first article for us to take into consideration.

Can you please change title to “Merge view - add custom columns”?

I updated the title because I agree that it makes it better to understand what it’s about.

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