Master Server - Secondary Server

Following scenario:

Head Company has a Zammad Instance where alle the Customers Tickets are registered and worked on.

Every Customer has its own Zammad instance for local Tickets with their tech team.

But Every Customer can also see the Tickets / Status with the Headcompany

Is there a functionaly like this?

On my quick review, I do not think this feature is available.

I also do not think this would be widely used.

This is more of a job allocation workflow issue than a server redundancy issue.
(I think? - I might have misunderstood)

The best option for you at the moment is to just have two systems (URLs) that customers can use one for internal issues and another for Master/Organisation Issues.

You could maybe use LDAP to connect these logins together in some way.

If I was going to action this workflow, I would have these systems separate. Let the low level issues be handled by customers Zammad system / IT team. Then allocate two or three customer users (IT Team I guess) to report bigger problems to the master ticket system.

I understand this might not be what you are looking for but hopefully this might have helped you in some way.

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Perhabs you can run one instance of Zammad and use groups for your structure?!

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I would like to have seperate zammad instances, in case of loss of network connectivity, which here happens often.

I understand.

I think there is not such a functionality build in and you have two options:

  1. You can ask Zammad sales if you can get a price for implementing such a functionality.
  2. You can develop (or have developed) an independent middleware that synchronizes the data between the systems. That can be developed in every language and does not need to be Ruby.

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