Mass-Update from Search

Hi all,

Had a little search and didn’t see anything related to this so, opening the thread…

Being able to mass update tickets from within the Search functionality would be a great feature addition to Zammad.

Currently we are only able to mass update tickets from within the Overview pages however, we don’t have any ability to filter the displayed tickets on those pages.



Relatively easy to do this via the rails console, so I don’t really see this being implemented any time soon :slightly_frowning_face: I do have high hopes for the future, though

It may be relatively easy to do via the rails console however, that is not a viable or suitable solution for end-users.

The workaround I’ve been using is to group tickets by their subject line but, there is still no ability to bulk merge tickets from the overview page (as far as I am aware, if there is a way, please advise :slight_smile: )