Manual name ticket #123456

Maybe it already exists, but I wanted to clarify.

Good afternoon.

Tell me if there is such a function in the subsequent service Help Desk:

A message about the problem was sent by e-mail, in the subject of the letter in the manual form: #123456. The service starts a problem with the number # 123456.
The problem is solved, and the ticket is closed, but if after any time (half a year, a year) an e-mail with the same subject arrives, then the ticket is opened again, and not a new one is started.
Thus, at the core, an escape story with the same theme #123456 arose.

in the body of the Topic there can be not only #123456, but also some text separated by a space, but the service should open a problem with the same number #123456.
Under #123456, we officially fix the number of the object, which does not change throughout the entire time the object is captured and is set.