Make it possible to manipulate outgoing E-Mails

A customer would like to be able to manipulate outgoing E-Mails.

The main reason is that there are other Ticket systems like Jirra that do not neccessarly answer with the original subject (discard the ticket number of Zammad on reply) and the references in the header are being removed as well.

If it’d be possible to add the Ticketnumber on the bottom of the E-Mail inside the body (as example), Zammad could determine the follow up based on the E-Mail body. This does also work for signatures, as long as the Ticket is already created - this does not work if you’re just creating the ticket ("-" will be the result).
The trigger fires before sending the E-Mail but after creating the ticket, so the perfect moment.

This needs Zammad to add the following:

  • possibility to tell the Trigger to check if the E-Mail is an outgoing E-Mail
  • a way to manipulate the ticket body
    • Example: Take the E-Mail body that has been written by the agent (with signature) and give the admin the possiblity to add stuff above or below

I think that should be enough.
This might be quite a big work package, not sure if it even makes sense. What does the community think about this?


Sounds neat!

Another use case would be that you could attach the link to the ticket without the agent having to think about it.
I know, you could just add the link to the signature BUT in our scenario only a few recipients have “direct” access to zammad so we’d need to check for certain conditions before attaching the link (i. e. recipient domain).

With this feature we might be able to do that.

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Dear Zammad team,

We have quite a similar need.

We use Zammad as a front line ticketing system, but we sometimes would like to forward some specific tickets to another ticketing system (for example Jira).

The problem is that when you froward a ticket to an other system, the email is sent as “zammad” and you lose the initial sender email address. You can add it in the email body, but it would be nice to be able to add the initial sender in the “reply-to” header on the forwarded ticket.

I didn’t find a way to do it (I’v tried with Tiggers, but you can only manipulate the body of a message, not the headers)

Best regards

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