Mails with empty subject

How could I do with a trigger so that emails without subject are answered by an email saying that they must fill in this field, is that if I make a trigger with CONDITION - TITLE = NULL or - it does not work well, since Zammad defaults to Post without subject puts the character -.

Also taking into account that a Subject such as “hello - hello” should not be considered an empty matter for example.

I tried with regular expressions but there is no way.

Thanks greetings!


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Not work, any idea???

You’re joking right?
You said “solved” O_o

in the title field contains … can regular expressions be put? that is to say admits them?

Postmaster filters are the only place where Zammad accepts regular expressions.
Please take a look into our documentation to learn more:

with that expression you should label the emails you enter with subject - or without subject but it doesn’t work, do you see something wrong?

Thank you!

Warning: untested
The above regex is always matching, so not what you’re looking for.

Rather something like that: regex(.*\S.*) - please note it’s been validated, but not tested in Zammad.

By the way, I found the following tool quite usefull for quick regex tests, maybe it also helps you :):

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