Mail to Ticket owner

Dear Sir

I would like to send a Mail back to the Ticket owner Like “TICKET CLOSED” or “DONE”.

Can you please Help me ?

Actually when Ticket open is we get a Mail “NEW TICKET OPENED” but when I done ticket problem and close the Ticket unfortunattly Ticket owner not know what happen with Ticket.

Thank you in advance


Can you please specify who you mean by “Ticket Owner” ?

Ticket customer or the person that’s set as “Owner” ?
From reading your text it feels like you’re mixing those termonologies.

Thank you so much for your promt Answer MrGeneration,
our company user open one ticket(ticketowner i meant) and i get this ticket with Mail notification PERFEKT! ,i work ticket and i close it, after Ticket closed from me I excpect automatically Mail notification to the TICKETOWNER(company User who opened this ticket) as Ticket closed .At the moment company user gets no Mail notification and cant know His/Her Problem done is? . if you user login web ticket interface then can see ticket closed . But my Target is without login web ticket interface
from user notification with Mail.
Thank you so much

You can set this up under Triggers. Create a new trigger like the following to notify a user on ticket close:

(this is just an example I quickly typed up to demonstrate the use of system variables in the notification e-mail)

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Dear Awedor , thank you so much for your Help. I will try it.


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