Mail notification selection


I would like to see an function / switch to deactivate some notification mails.

It would be really cool if i could turn off some notification mails as a user.
For example the merged status, if i merge two tickets i receive a mail notification with:

Status: new -> merged

I want to disable this on user level like the notification settings for “new ticket”, “ticket updates”, …

Technically, the change of a status (even if it’s done because of a ticket merge) is a ticket update.
I think that making this two menu points might be confusing to users and gets more complicated than needed.

(Just my opinion :slight_smile: , I mean I disabled “ticket update” notifications because I don’t need them)


thank you for the quick reply.
I understand your point. Surely it would be the easiest way, in some cases it could be useful to implement a function to disable the “merged” mail.
For every incoming call a ticket is created.
I want to get notified if a user updates this ticket (added a comment, etc …), but the merged notification spams my Mailbox :slight_smile: , so i miss important changes.

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