Macros with conditions

I think it would be useful if we could add conditions to macros, like we can in triggers. E.g. I have a macro “Reopen and remove spam tag” that I use to undo the use of an accidental “close and add spam tag”. In 99% of cases this macro isn’t useful, but it still shows up for every ticket.

I would like to add the following conditions to this macro so that it’ll only show up if it’s actually useful for a ticket:

State: is: closed
Tags: contain: spam

I have to admit though that I don’t know how this should work for the drop zones. Should all the selected tickets be compared against all macro conditions, and only macros where all conditions match will show up?

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Love the idea but i’m having the same concern that you have, still +1.


Currently there’s “group based macros” standing in the room.
I think it’s rather difficult to add condition awareness as well.

I get why you’d want that, but I’m kinda afraid that this will cause many new problems.

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Group-based macros would already be a significant improvement. I assume they’d show up for agents who have a certain group permission (which one? full?), and would work for tickets regardless of which group they’re in?

Sorry, I can’t go into details at the moment. :slight_smile:

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