Looking for Support (paid support)


is there somebody who can help me by installing an ssl certificate and the search tool elasticsearch ??? i would like to pay for this service.

best regards

Christian Wenzl

Hey @Christian.Wenzl,

even though for someone who knows what he’s doing this is like a 10min task max, you could save you some money just looking for some guides.

For elasticsearch zammad itself provides a guide with references to the official elasticsearch site:

For your ssl certificate just google “$YourWebserver ssl”. Depending on your scenario you’d need a cert signed by a public CA. In that case you could google “$YourWebserver let’s encrypt” for example (just one way to go, there are many more).

Assuming you have NGINX running and are hosting zammad online you could use this guide:
https://blog.friedlandreas.net/2017/09/lets-encrypt-mit-nginx-auf-debian/ (i assume you’re german considering your username, forgive me if i’m wrong).


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I do not know if this is allowed so delete if not!

But for anyone looking for support / paid our firm uptic could help as we are a Free Software / Open-Source IT Firm.

Feel free to PM me if you are interested and again if this is not acceptable I will remove the post!

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