Logo in signature gets lost on reply


Expected behavior:

Logo remain in mail history on reply

Actual behavior:

the signature logo is in the mail when using the reply
and I see it in the outlook client.
When I’m using the answer button the logo gets lost in the mail history:

In the mail where the logo was is a X

When I use the answer option on

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Write a mail with signature and then use the answer option to keep the mail history and receiver.

I hope my english is not too bad …

I think I searched with the wrong key words now I found an issue :

maybe this is the same issue like the forward issue

OK the problem that I referenced got fixed and I manually changed the code.

Unfortenetely this doesnt fix the problem with the logo when clicking on the answer button.

The issue you mentioned only affects tickets you’re forwarding.
Please provide the original eml or a bigger screenshot that shows the image being intact.

Also, what your screen is showing is not a removed, but a broken image.
For whatever reason.

Please note that we cannot help you with changed source code installations, because the issue might be caused by your code change. If you provide your eml, I will gladly test the import on a vanilla instance on my end.

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