Logging a task to External sources

Hi there!

I am really interested in using Zammad, but I am trying to set it up and I do not see a feature that I require to be able to use this system.

I work for a telecomunications company and we receive tickets from clients., and if there is a fault on a line somewhere that needs fixing we would like to log a ‘Task’ or something simmelar to our external contractors, so they know where the fault is and they can then revert to us on the task that it was fixed/resolved.

Then we can revert back to the ticket it is linked to and advise the client that it is sorted and close the ticket.

Your help will be greatly apreciated.

Kind regards

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This is possibly partly possible with workarounds by using Zammads webhooks

However, Zammad does not support primary and secondary tickets you’d look for in mayor outages.
If you feel this is a missing functionality of Zammad, feel free to create a feature request here: Feature requests - Zammad - Community