Live Chat: Assign chat to a customer

Hi All,

I’m busy setting up a self-hosted Zammad server (Replacing LiveZilla)

The biggest part my customers will be using is the Live Chat feature. I have a couple of questions I’m hoping to get answered if possible :smiley:

  1. How do I assign a Live chat session to a customer?
  2. Where can I view previous live chats?
  3. Is it possible to view the duration a chat was open for? Or the start and end time

My customers get X amount of support hours a month, Anything over that is an extra charge. So tracking time spent on Live Chat and tickets is crucial for my business.
Even if this information is only available via an API instead of being in the web app that’s ok as well :slight_smile:

I hope there is an answer out there! LiveZilla died a horrible death and they just stopped updating it. So I’m desperately looking for a replacement and Zammad seems awesome.

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Sorry for the wait.

Chats in Zammad are technically anonymous.
This means that Zammad won’t ask the user “who are you?”.

You can turn the chat session (after finishing it) into a ticket. This requires you to know the chatter and allows you to have a customer assignment. However, this is probably not what you’re looking for.

Chats are available during the search function or if they’re turned into a ticket.
Please keep my above answer in mind as it may not be “good enough” for your use case.

I’m afraid that Zammad does not contain such an information.
Theoretically you could caculate it by using creation_at date and updated_at date if the state is closed. In my opinion that’s not good enough through.

On the following documentation page you can find a comprehensive listing of the chat session information being stored within Elasticsearch (and Zammad thus) which may help you to find limits better:

Personally from what you describe I don’t think that Zammad is the right tool for you - at least not if it comes down to chatting only.