Let Customers set Ticket Priority?

Hi there,
we need some way or workaround to let our customers set the priority for the tickets they open.

If this is not possible we can also use different approaches like a custom field “customerprio” which can bbe set by custtomers or maybe custom templates fpr customerr tickets or whatever.

Is there any Idea how i can make my customers inform me about their priority for new tickets ?


in adminstration go to “system” -> “options” and create a new attribute in tab tickets called “customerprio”.

Priority is a system created default ticket attribute. This can´t be set by role customer.
But using an additional field “customerprio” should work for you.

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Thanx Gerhard,

it was that easy and i am totally happy

“system” -> “options”? You mean “Object”? or there is something else which is hidden to the public?

System -> Objects is correct :slight_smile:

Below screenshot is just an example, you can go as far as you like:

If you want the user to be able to manipulate the real priority of the ticket, you can configure triggers under Manage -> Trigger

A example trigger that works looks as follows:

You have to do this for every priority you want to set

Your user will see this:

And your agent will see this:

If you need further help, let us know :slight_smile:

Wow! Thank you for your effort. All are clear.

I wish there is something to get rid of “STATE” for users.

I’m afraid that this is not possible right now. At least I can’t find a way to achieve this.

You would have to be able to change the Ticket State as object…

concerning objects: yes, shure! thanks for correction.

and concerning: “I wish there is something to get rid of “STATE” for users.”

Don´t you want the user to close his tickets it he thinks the problem is solved or set it back to open if he thinks the closed ticket is not solved?

That’s one scenario but I just can’t seem to think of a scenario where the customer wants to create a closed ticket. State shouldn’t be there at initial ticket creation for customers.

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