LDAP with not default port makes trouble


  • Used Zammad version: 2.9
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) deb
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04
  • Browser + version: latest Chrome

Expected behavior:

  • If I connect the LDAP with Port3268 it should also assign a group

Actual behavior:

  • I connect via the webinterface (Zammad)
  • Its possible to add the port to the hostname (example my.domain.at:3268)
  • I found all the information and assign it to a specific group
  • After starting the sync the assignment doesn’t apply (In the Info i see “0 to creat”)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create a LDAP Integration
  • Add the port to the Hostname (:3268)
  • assign AD Groups to Zammad Groups
  • start

I have to use this port, because we have a subdomain in the AD Forrest. With this port its possible to retrieve the information from the subdomain. Its possible to assign an AD Group to a zammad group, so I think the connection still work. But after that Zammad let me know thats not necessary to create an user. If I add a user to the main domain the assignment works.

Do I understand correctly that if you configure an alternative port via webgui you get no errors inside UI nor logfile?
If the sync starts nothing happens/the sync just finishes without any error and updates? Does the logfile give a clue maybe?

Also quite important: Are we talking about ldap or ldapS ?

Hi MrGeneration

Yes you understand it :slight_smile: I’m not shure about looking the right log (production.log?) but there is no hint about that. My situation is that i have an AD Forrest

  • Domain.tld
    – sub.domin.tld

The port 3268 is an default port to search about more that the main domain. If i change something in the main Domain the sync works like a charm. But If i try to add some users from the sub.domain.tld its possible to assign the Global Group (AD) to a Zammad Group, but after syncing the sub.domain.tld assignment doesn’t work. The change in the main Domian was made by the sync job.

And I’m working with LDAP (not LDAPS)


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