LDAP Sync hangs, how to cancel

Hi everyone. I need help :slight_smile:

I’ve setup LDAP Sync and it works in general. But since 03/13/2018 the import hangs. If I navigate to the settings i see the following

If i scroll down to the log section, i see also that the import works. The last Log entry was written 26 minutes ago.

But now I have to change some settings. But if I could only change settings if the sync is finish.

How can I cancle this process, that I can make some changes?

Try this

sudo -u zammad zammad run rails c
job = ImportJob.create(name: ‘Import::Ldap’, payload: Setting.get(‘ldap_config’))

should destroy the “running” Import Job and trigger a delayed new Import Job

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Thank you it works. It would be great, if its possible to create a button for aborting this job :slight_smile:

maybe an zammad developer is reading this, and mark this as a feature request :wink:

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