LDAP Sync failure since the last 3.6 Update


  • Used Zammad version:

Name : zammad
Architecture : x86_64
Version : 3.6.0
Commit : 1610965497.9c3d4389.centos7

  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)


  • Operating system:

CentOS 7 lastest

  • Browser + version:

Chrome latest

Expected behavior:

  • After an Update already working functionality isn’t broken.

Actual behavior:

  • Since the latest update we can’t synchronise anyone (customers and agents / admins) via LDAP.
    Which leads to a failure when trying to login (for everyone).

Our log gets flooded with:

  • I, [2021-01-18T14:50:12.149128 #635-47111395063220] INFO – : Skipping. Missing values for mandatory keys ‘’ in attribute ‘mapped’ for Model ‘User’ possibly identified by ‘id, login, email, name, number’ from unidentifiable resource with mapped identifiers

Sadly it doesn’t mention which “mandatory keys” are missing.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Install the latest version of Zammad and try to login.

  • All we did was typing “sudo yum update zammad -y” and “enter”.

Please have a look at this…

Hi pamalosebi,

we can confirm this. We just encountered the exact same issue and downgraded version again to 3.6.0-1610545422.444c3a5d and it’s working fine again - seems to be a bug in the new update.

Best regards,

Hey Frederik,

we did:

yum downgrade zammad

and as you said it worked fine (for now).
Thank you!

All the Best,

It was fixed in [Fixes #3373 - LDAP users marked as inactive. · zammad/zammad@c6fb337 · GitHub].

Thanks again!

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