LDAP - Missing Attribut

Zammad: 2.8


i added two new Attributes to our MS Active Directory and put some Informations into it. Now i wanted to add this new Attributes into the LDAP Sync into Zammad but they don’t show in the List. If i type the Attribut Name into the field this will not be safed.

What is the problem here?

I found this Information:

Is this actually a Problem with the LDAP Filter? I set the Limit from 50 to 100 and now i see more Attributes.

I think @thorsteneckel knows the best :x

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Hi @Premyslaw - yes. This works as desired because we expect that every available attribute is filled in the first 50 search results. There are some edge case scenarios like yours where this assumption doesn’t suite. However, it’s hard to tell which number would be the golden spot between every attribute and fast. This is why we settled down to 50.

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@thorsteneckel @MrGeneration Thank you for the Informations. I changed now the Limit to 120 and now i can see all Attritubes which are needed.

Offtopic: Are some of you Dev Guys from Germany? Just asking because thorsteneckel sounds german :slight_smile:

Nice! Cool that it worked for you.

Yes! @MrGeneration and I are from Germany and so is the inventor :blush: Actually “Zammad” means together in bavarian slang :bulb: So the roots of Zammad are in Germany where we have quite a few other great colleagues, too. But there are more lovely people working on Zammad all over the world (Canada/China, USA/Taiwan, Lithuania) that I don’t wanna miss :heart_eyes:

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@thorsteneckel Dann mal schöne Grüße aus dem hohen Norden aus Hamburg :slight_smile: So gut ist mein bayrisch dann nicht um zu erkennen das Zammad eine Bedeutung hat!

Auf jeden Fall vielen Dank für die Hilfe!

Sehr gerne, und moin moin zurück ins schöne Hamburg! Viel Freude mit Zammad

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