LDAP Integration - i will lost my nervs

Hallo everybody,
after a lot of hours fighting with the right LDAP credentials now the next shut down.

I want to correct the entries about name, lastname email and so on. After saving settings, there are no users in the list.

Now i’m not able to login with any credentials! Also the superadmin with local credentials is not allowed to login!!! So i have to install the zammad again from beginning…

Why do zammad LDAP, when it is so terrible programmed… ? If i’m counting time, i was able to buy iTop or other solutions. That is, what the most people not regognize. If you counting the time for open source, it is more expensive then the solutions to buy…

I was very happy about this new product, but now i’m only frustrated! Since our bosses want that, I’ll torment me again this weekend through this software.

Anyone any idea to login again? Or I have to reinstall it again?

Greetings, and thanks for helping anyone

Ok, i was able to login with my account, with the local pass. The LDAP is on. It use the local pass and not the ldap pass? After loigi:
The helpdesk zammad say, that there musst be min one admin user! What? I was created 7 users with the admin rights. Where are they now? So i will create a new user, but the zammad says, this user (email address) is used by another user?!
But this user is not visible in the listings of admin, agent or customer…

How to find users, that are not listed? The LDAP integration is stopped and deactivated. So i try to configure the admin users again manually.

Zammad 2.2.0
CentOS 7
as a virtual Machine on vmware…

ok, the users were deactivated… Now, i’m able to login with the admin user.

Now i quit the administration till tomoorow and visit the new Star Wars film at cinema Schaumburg in Karlsruhe.

This ticket can be close.


Feel free to book our commercial support over at https://zammad.com/de/preis#selfhosted . Since you are using it in an commercial environment you might need it sooner or later.

For the future: This is a board, no ticketing system. Feel free to close your topics by yourself.

One personal note: Your tone is really toxic. Not only does he discredit the work of all involved, it also takes away the fun. I’d ask you to work on your tone and stay objective. Thanks.