Knowledge base better editor or Markdown/rst support


the editor for KB-Articles is a bit too “minimalistic” in being completely absent, it is just a plain box with no indication about usage whatsoever e.g:

  • Images work when the just are put there with drag’n drop (while copy paste from another site seems to work but doesn’t stay after saving) but there is no indication for this feature other then try and error, Positioning is also a bit weird…

  • I can copy paste styled text and it will display as is but there is no visible format feature at all so I can’t change, remove or set styles/formats

Of course I know that a WYSIWYG-Editor would cause some problem for usage as internal FAQ for default answers etc. so why not simply allow to use Markdown or rst


+1 from me. (i.e. it should be clear which styles Zammad’s KB supports. I’d vote in favour of full Markdown support!)


While I really like markdown/rst, I’m afraid that this will be a absolute power user feature, because many people might not catch up with that.

At least for the WYSIWYG-Editor, we have that on our list. :slight_smile:


Could you explain how Zammad handles formatting/styles at the moment?

Please!! Implement Markdown immediately!

@herzkerl well there’s nothing beside links and internal link ATM. You can do formatting via keyboard shortcuts, but i.e. you cannot include images or enter code blocks.

Ah, I see—that should include the basics. Thank you!

Woah no offense… but, insert coin please if you want it now. :wink:

This is true, with exception for inline images (will come to that shortly):

Beside those shortcuts, you can also insert tables from e.g. an Office application (because it’s HTML stuff). Code-Blocks partly work and depend from where you copy them, but you can’t create them directly within Zammad at the moment.

No matter if markdown or WYSIWYG-Editor: Both options should contain code-blocks - it it’s not being markdown, it can be used broader by everyone which makes sense.

Now to inserting images… it does work to copy inline images, but highly depends on from where you copy. You can’t copy a image within your Browser and just insert it, you can’t copy the image file and just paste it into the editor. You need to copy the content of the image which does work with a photo manipulation software ( or viewers like Pictureflext Photo Viewer (Windows 10 App I use).

Here’s a screencast:

The above works perfectly for knowledgebase and ticket articles.

This helps for now, you may need to add those Linux/Windows-Shortcuts to the documentation, I only found the one for mac :wink:

I’m in favor for a Markdown support, so we can re-use some of our git documentation, and I personally like markdown, but I can live with a WYSIWYG-editor if there will be an option to use a “text-only” insert into tickets.

indeed… :smiley: I was just thrilled to use the KB and found there was no option to add a code block, a bit disappointed. :thinking: but I accept your note. :rofl:

I’m for MD as well: there are JS toolbars to use it in textareas, and it’s probably easier and safer than pure html to handle, in term of security.

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No worries, I just like to be the bad guy :smiley:

Edit: I’m sure that we will find a way / solution for this, but I currently can’t tell any roadmaps to this.

Is there anyway to add imbedded video currently?

With source code hacking only.

Roger, I think I’ll avoid doing that and breaking things =)


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@MrGeneration First of all great work on Zammad, we just deployed on our server, so we gonna use it for our own project Automatio, as a ticket system. I think its best Open Source solution available. Keep up with great work.

I came here also because I felt that KB editor is very minimal.

Are there any plans or updates on this? Like other people said either Markdown or WYSiWYG editor is what is need for KB.

Because it’s very limited what u can write in there. I tried your way in copy image from some software directly to KB editor, it works which is good, but the .GIF images are not working.

Additional to that, I think the current editor does not support videos either.

This would fulfill the missing features in Zammad and make it perfect, without need to install additional software, in my case WordPress and buy some KB themes.

I hope to see this feature in the near future because its really needed.

All the best guys!

Zammad does, at this moment, not support any animated content. That includes GIFs and videos in general. For videos we’d also always suggest to not use Zammad for hosting videos, because there are other palttforms that fit this need way better than we do.

Please note that you can’t embedd videos at this moment.

Allowing animated content will be part of a future™ release.
Please note that I can’t provide any release or version plans as of yet.

In the future™ we’ll also change the editor at some point. This will affect all editors within Zammad, as we don’t want to start seperating editors. of course especially for animated content the available functions might differ.

The editor statement is in no way 100% complete and a future™ todo. So above information might be off, incorrect or not detailed enough. :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for zammad, a great helpdesk tool! My company can help you on this feature with a bug bounty? Can we create an github issue about markdown feature?
We use the knowledge base a lot and it is not userfriendly to do the layout currently



thanks for your interest in boosting Zammad!
We can priotize either Markdown support or a new editor if you want to. To be honest I’d prefer the new editor over Markdown (because it helps a broader mass) but that’s just my thought.

Please drop a mail to sales [at] zammad [dot] com - we’ll then fiddle around the way to know what you need and want exactly. :rocket:


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I understood. Thanks a lot!

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