Knowledge Base: Articles visible to users only

Currently, knowledge base articles can be unpublished, internal only or “public”. Public means it’s visible to anybody on the internet.
What we would like to have is an additional setting “users”: Only signed in customers (and of course agents) can see the knowledgebase articles.

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This has been discussed a few times, including:

Also, there’s already a feature request on Github:

Please note that Zammad doesn’t provide public roadmaps. It’s done when it’s done.
Personally, I also hope that it won’t get done rater sooner than later :nerd_face:

Thanks for linking this - I didn’t spot it on a brief search.

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Is there any status reports on the feature request you linked to? The FR just says to discuss it in the forums and every discussion in the forum links back to github without anyone actually mentioning where things are with implementing the request

The state is specification required as the label says.
We in general do not provide any ETAs.

If you absolutely can’t wait for that function, you always have the possibility to sponsor a specific function if you want to.

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