Knowledge articles via REST API

Hey guys,

I can’t find any info on how to get all the knowledge articles via REST API. Does anyone know the endpoint?

thanks in advance

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Hi @A-D-E

Please take a look at POST api/v1/knowledge_bases/init endpoint. It returns assets for building KB interface. You can pick KB answer metadata, including KB answer title(s).

For content body, there’re 2 ways:

One is to request answer one-by-one from GET api/v1/knowledge_bases/KB_ID/answers/ANSWER_ID and supply ?include_contents=ID,ID where ID stands for content_id present in answer translation.

The other way is to call init mentioned above and include POST param answer_translation_content_ids with IDs of content that you want to get. This way you can fetch body of multiple answers at once. However, since bodies are large, don’t fetch too many in one go…

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