Job: developer wanted to join our team building on Zammad for human rights and humanitarian uses

Greetings, all. I’m the founder of Guardian Project, a privacy and security focused open-source mobile team. Are primary focus is helping those most in need in the world, who often don’t get the attention and support they need. We are largely grant funded, and completely open-source.

We’ve been building on Zammad for the last year in order to create a specialized platform we call “Link”, which is a helpdesk for use in humanitarian and human rights situations. We’ve integrated Signal and WhatsApp as additional channels for communication, and created a more privacy-enhanced configuration for deploying Zammad. Link has already been deployed for a variety of really interesting contexts, and already providing a great deal of value to groups who otherwise would just be using email, texting and spreadsheets to manage support for their communities.

You can learn a bit more about the Link effort here: and related projects like Sigarillo (Signal plug-in) and QuePasa (WhatsApp plug-in) that are open-source here:

What we need right now is a bit more assistance in ensuring our work is stable and integrated with the excellent upstream Zammad codebase. We also have some new requests from partners and users for additional features, such as migrating/syncing tickets between Zammad instances, or at least a way to export and import easily. If you are a developer experienced with Zammad, or at least strong in Rails and Coffeescript, please get in touch with at or @n8fr8 on twitter, keybase, etc.

Thanks for any thoughts and interest!

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