Is there any place where I can find the source for the Debian package?

While I have found the source on git, it doesn’t seem (or I’m blind) to include the Debian package information. Is there any git repo with the debian source included for the installation?

Many thanks

Hey @insofar,

you mean something like this?:


Hi, @svnr-dvnkln
Thank you for replying, really appreciate it. No, I wasn’t thinking of the documentation like that, but more a git repository that includes the debian package, to be able to see how it’s made. I’m looking at setting up my own package internally to install it in my environment, but I’m not a debian package ninja by any stretch of the mind.

and, from there:


To help a bit further.
We’re using this packager which has a good documentation and should help:

Apart from that there’s no “dark magic” happening in a super special secret repo.
Just in case, whatever you’re planning, please also have a look at the trademark policy of Zammad - not pointing fingers, just in case it’s relevant for you.

Thank you for these resources. I certainly don’t want to do anything that could be considered devious. I’m really just trying to figure out how to fix up a debian package that does the same as your own, except I need to install my database on a separate server.

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