Is it possible to delete merged empty tickets without negatively affecting?

Hi! is it possible to delete tickets that remains after the merge? I mean the empty tickets with one word “merged”

Whether there will be negative consequences (some system failures) if I will delete thise empty tickets using scheduler?
A lot of tickets was merged and those empty tickets is bad for statistic


I am not sure which Zammad version you are using. In the latest Zammad version the ticket that you are merging is automatically removed.

Can you please provide us step-by-step instruction on how to recreate the issue?

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thanx I ll check… I use the finla version

Hi! maybe I was not clear. After merge two tickets we have two tickets:

  • one ticket with information from ticket N1 and from ticket N2.
  • and one empty ticket without any information (just with text “merge”). An the ticket has status “merge”
    In our case some agents change the status from “merge” to “closed”. And there is no way to get back the status “merge” by hand. So my question is:
    Is it possible to delete those former “merge” emty tickets with status “closed” or there is some risk of damage for DB?

No you can’t.
If you remove the “merged” ticket Zammad will no longer redirect answers on the old merged ticket to the merge destination. If you can live with that you can always remove those kind of Tickets.

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