Integrating Zammad with our web based app


I’m new to Zammad and so very impressed by the app. We’ve developed a microservices based application with OAuth 2/Keycloak support and would like to integrate with Zammad. We are mostly concerned with user registration and authentication. We want our registered user to be able to interact with Zammad without having to re-register in the Zammad app.

Here are a few questions:

  • What is the best method to use an existing user authentication/registration system with Zammad
  • I’m assuming that we need to create a Zammad account the first time our user interacts with the app. Is this correct?
  • Do we simply register our app with Zammad and get an OAuth2 token every time our app want to interact with Zammad using its API?
  • Do we need obtain an OAuth2/access token from Zammad every time the user logs into our app and wants to use the Zammad front end?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated it.


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