Integrating other chatbots

Is it possible to do agent handoff to zammad? We have a microsoft chatbot and want to hand off to agent chat at some point?
Is there already an API to do this sort of thing?

It’s technically possible but not documented. Zammad provides API endpoints for chatting, so you could use those. This needs fiddling from your end though.

The relevant endpoints are here:

                                                    GET                         /api/v1/chat_sessions/:id(.:format)                                                      chat_sessions#show
                                       api_v1_chats GET                         /api/v1/chats(.:format)                                                                  chats#index
                                                    GET                         /api/v1/chats/:id(.:format)                                                              chats#show
                                                    POST                        /api/v1/chats(.:format)                                                                  chats#create
                                                    PUT                         /api/v1/chats/:id(.:format)                                                              chats#update
                                                    DELETE                      /api/v1/chats/:id(.:format)                                                              chats#destroy