Info about all tickets that had mail errors at SMTP


  • Used Zammad version: 6.0.0-1692280770.6e71c5b7.buster
  • Used Zammad installation type: ppa package
  • Operating system: debian buster
  • Browser + version: Firefox 117

Expected behavior:

A possibility to resend tickets that are closed in “failed” status.

Actual behavior:

We recently had problems with the SMTP auth on our mail system (it’s external).

It now looks like this in the Zammad ticket itself.

‘Can’t use Channel::Driver::Smtp: #<Net::ReadTimeout: Net::ReadTimeout>"’

These tickets were automatically closed by Zammad itself and I can’t find a way to search on them directly.

I would need the meta information of the last status of a ticket, if it was closed with a failed to resend the ticket etc…

Do you have any idea?

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Works with Zammad while SMTP sending does not work at the external mail server. ^^

Pump, I would be really happy to get help here.

Kidding. Now to your question.
Theoretically you should be able to search for *Channel*ReadTimeout* with Zammads fulltext search without any issues.

You even could pin it down to a time frame: *Channel*SMTPAuthenticationError* article.created_at:[2023-09-10 TO 2023-09-11]

(as per Advanced Search — Zammad User Documentation documentation )

Would that be good enough?

You misunderstand me. I need the real status which is not readable as ticket information via API.

In the meantime, agents have resent some mails and the ticket no longer has this “error” status. However, the error message still appears in the process. This means that it cannot be used.

I therefore need all tickets that REALLY still have the error status in order to know to which destinations no mail was sent.

This error message never goes away.

I seem to find it really hard to explain. ^^

It’s clear that the message never disappears. But that’s exactly the problem.

Because I can’t filter for tickets that went out successfully THEN through an agent and tickets that are still in this error status.

So there is no way (not even via SQL queries, Ruby commands, API calls) to pull only the tickets that are really still in error?

The ticket doesn’t know if the next article that was sent was “solving the error” and thus there’s no option to search for “tickets that are still failed”.