Individually customizable overviews

Hi! I couldn’t find an other feature request for this topic altough I think it is an essential feature:

Currently the overviews can be configured by admins and every change is global.

Simple example problem:
We have an overview dep1 (available for every member of department 1 and members of department2)
We have an overview dep2 (available for every member of department 2 and members of department1)

Users from department1 want to see dep1 at the top and department2 wants to see dep2 at the top of the overviews list. But with globally applied changes by admins this is simply not possible.

Solution & feature request:

  1. Every user should be able to drag and drop the overviews where ever they want to. (or somehow else be able to customize the list for themselves)
  2. Also the options for the overviews
    like attributes shown and sorting should also be individually configurable.
  3. Admin should not be able to globally change the order of the overviews, this is simply not necessary.
  4. Users should be able to create overviews for themselves without having to set the group and person (themselves) that has permission for the overview.

Basically just “remove” global settings for overviews and instead make it individually configurable. (Except for creating global overviews)

Bonus request:
Tickets in “Closed” and “Pending…” state are always at the top if grouping is set to “State”. If possible please move it to the bottom.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
Would be very happy to see this implemented and thank you for your work.


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Maybe I am missing something? Are Overiews already customizable per user?

I’m sorry maybe you missunderstood me, since the link you sent has nothing to do with my question except that it has the keyword Overview in it.

My feauture request was: currently Overviews can only be customized by an Admin and every change to Overviews is global. It is not possible for a User to create an Overview for themselfs. Please implement the functionality to be able to create custom overviews per user. Maybe “Solution & feature request:” in my first message was not clear. Sorry then.


Sorry looks like I believed yesterday that you’ve been unsure if users can do it or not. So you know the answer already, great.

Yes I know they can’t. But since I didn’t get any answer on my feature request from the community I thought maybe I am missing something. Is it planned to be implemented or am I the only one missing this feature o.o

We in general do not talk about planned features and ETAs.

Okay, understood! Well then I’ll leave my request here and hope. :nerd_face:
Thanks a lot

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