Incorrect grouping of tickets in reports module


Zammad 4.0.x
Installation type: source
Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS
Google Chrome Wersion 91.0.4472.77

Expected behavior:

Report profiles tabs shows tickets with proper status

Actual behavior:

Case 1)
Created report profiles (only for opened tickets), groups tickets in the wrong way. For example opened tickets are in “closed” tab

Case 2)
Also for the same profile closed tickets show up in “created” tab.

I have tried to create, mix another profiles but the same result exist. I have similiar issues in other report profiles. It doesn’t happen often but produce not real data. Fortunately, workaround for me is export to .csv file and use Excel for study produced data.

photo legend:

  • nowe = new
  • zamknięte = closed
  • otwarte = opened
  • w trakcie wykoniania = in progress
  • oczekuje na materiał = waiting for material

Case 1)

Case 2)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Zammads reporting displays the current information within the table.
This is working as intended - it displays the tickets that have had the state e.g. “open” in the time period in question but will show the ticket as closed in the list if that’s the case.

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