Incorrect display of calendar dates

I’m just starting to use Zammad and, based on the features, want to continue using it as our help desk ticketing system. That being said, I’m starting to look into the code more and am intrigued by the Calendar bug that persists and think it’ll be a good place to start to get into the code and help where I can while the main team works on the knowledge base.

Anyone have any insight into which files control the calendar and the display of the calendar? I’ve looked into the coffeescript files available for some of the views but thought I’d post here to see what others might already know that could assist me.

Just for reference, kwoods means the following issue:

I’m sure @thorsteneckel can help you when he finds some free time. :slight_smile:

Hi folks - This is rather hard to tell. We currently don’t know exactly where the issue comes from but as we found out it’s a deeper timezone issue in the frontend code that affects mutltiple functionalities. That’s all we currently know and what I can contribute :confused: If you have detailed questions I’ll give my best to answer them.

Alright well then I’ll just start digging around in the code and doing some research online to see what I can figure out.

Thank you!