Incoherent email fetching

Hi everyone !

We have an issue with zammad during the email fetching.
You can find more informations bellow.


  • Used Zammad version: 3.6.0-1610545422.444c3a5d.focal
  • Installation method (source, package, …): Apt package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu focal (20.04)
  • Database + version: postgresql 12
  • Elasticsearch version: 7.10.2
  • Browser + version: All browser

Expected behavior:

  • Emails are fetched and tickets are created.

Actual behavior:

  • An email is received by our email provider (Gmail).
  • The email doesn’t appear to be fetched in log (- no message) but the email is read in the mailbox.
  • The support’s ticket is assigned to a wrong number (always an already closed ticket).

When the email is assigned to a wrong number, with the link of the notification, we have the following error but it seems to be not relevant to the issue:

not allowed to show? this #<Ticket id: 324, group_id: 3, priority_id: 2, state_id: 4, organization_id: nil, number: "18324", title: "########", owner_id: 1, customer_id: 77, note: nil, first_response_at: nil, first_response_escalation_at: nil, first_response_in_min: nil, first_response_diff_in_min: nil, close_at:
 "2021-01-18 09:12:38", close_escalation_at: nil, close_in_min: nil, close_diff_in_min: nil, update_escalation_at: nil, update_in_min: nil, update_diff_in_min: nil, last_contact_at: "2021-01-15 15:41:02", last_co
ntact_agent_at: nil, last_contact_customer_at: "2021-01-15 15:41:02", last_owner_update_at: nil, create_article_type_id: 1, create_article_sender_id: 2, article_count: 1, escalation_at: nil, pending_time: nil, ty
pe: nil, time_unit: nil, preferences: {"channel_id"=>3}, updated_by_id: 19, created_by_id: 77, created_at: "2021-01-15 15:41:02", updated_at: "2021-01-18 09:12:38"> (Pundit::NotAuthorizedError)

After reaching this state, all new fetched emails are marked as read on the mailbox and tickets are no longer created on zammad.

After some search, if we rebuild the elasticsearch index, the next fetch works properly. But if we disable the elasticsearch integration, we have the same problem.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Install zammad with elasticsearch
  • Connect your zammad instance to gmail with imap protocol.
  • Try to create a ticket from an email.

Would you have more informations about this issue ?

The log file part is probably unrelated.
Check your /opt/zammad/tmp/unprocessible_mail/ directory.

If the mails were not too big and is not within above mentioned directory, Zammad HAS fetched the mail. It has to be somewhere in the system. Right now that’s more digging in the dark - sorry.

- no message indicates exactly what it says: no new message for Zammad.

Check your production log, ERROR usually is a good search term.

Edit: You may want to have a look into the email settings of Zammad in general.

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