Improve UX on note visibility

Hi everyone,
First of all thank you for zammad! It is great and really improves our workflow at Filmmakers for Future.

I feel like the button below a note can be understood incorrectly. (All of us interpreted it the wrong way as the current state and not as an action)

When creating a post a locked lock indicates the note is private. Underneath the post its then open which confused a lot of us especially since “set to public” could be interpreted as “note is set to public” and the red border could also indicate “danger note public”.

I would therefore suggest changing the wording below a note to “make public”, “make this public” or “set note to public” to make it clear what is happening when clicking on it.

Any thoughts on that?


Edit: I just learned that the button says auf intern setzen in German. This is a much clearer label in my opinion. It clearly states what it does and can’t wrongly be interpreted as the current state.

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+1 for renaming the action to ‘make note public/private’ or something alike.

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We noticed the same inconsistency when we migrated to Zammad. It’s a minor thing but can be irritating nonetheless.

Please use the poll below and choose your flavor.
Note: I changed “note” to “article”, because these options do also appear for other article types and technically do not check which article type is affected at that moment.

Another note: Please no other wording discussions here.
I’ll check back on 31st July.

Adjust wording for changing articles visibility in tickets

  • change to public / change to internal
  • set to public / set to internal
  • change article to public / change article to internal
  • I don’t care :man_shrugging:

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