Importer Error 403 Forbidden

Using the Docker Image, still trying to gt stuff to import properly from zendesk to Zammad.

Getting error

“the server responded with status 403 – get

Here is my production.log:

I see in ZenDesk under API activity that it is issuing 7 requests. It is also population the users and number of tickets (although i’m not sure the number of tickets is accurate).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Looks like there is a ZendeskAPI::Error::NetworkError aka connection error going on in your setup :thinking:

It says the credentials are correct, and is able to get the number of groups and such…?

The only thing its asking is email and API key, so i’m putting in my email and the API key that I get from The API section of settings. And i’m seeing some API requests in the statistics.

So what else is there to configure in my setup?

Hey guys, am i missing something? How can i confirm the connctivity error? I’m using a digital ocean droplet no firewall, so i don’t see where connectivity problem is occurring… Also it is getting accurate users and groups…

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