Import tickets from CSV?

I’m hoping there might be a way to import old tickets from our existing system into Zammad. I’ve seen reference to using rails or API to do this but I don’t have much experience with either so looking for some more guidance. Is it possible to just import into the MySQL tickets table?

Sorry but the best way would be API or rails console.

I will always discourage people to directly change or insert data within the database level.
While this can work (after a lot of fiddling) you’ll skip Zammads normalizations and checks that ensure the data you’re going to import is fine.

Honestly, don’t.
If you don’t want a network component in your way, use a rails script to do so.
If you don’t care about network the proberbly easier way would be the API.

Could you elaborate on the rails script? Not my area of expertise.

If we were a paying customer would this be something that we could get done for us? We are considering buying.

Sorry, but this is out of scope and my available time, as much as I’d love to help in that regard.

I’m afraid that this is rather a development or consulting action and thus would rather be a workshop instead of the usual support contract.

Sorry if that’s a bummer. :x

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