Howto? Workaround for merging users

Zammad 4.0


Long time ago, I asked for a feature to merge Users.
Since then, a lot of duplicate Users/Customers have been collected.

F.E. One is “Mister Schröder” with his Phone Number, the other one is “Paul Schröder” where his correct Mail is set. Both have a lot of tickets.

So changing the user of every Ticket would be a lot of work.

Is there any way to do this?

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You can change the owner of a ticket by batch in the console. Console — Zammad documentation
First you need to identify the user id’s from both accounts.
Identify all tickets which belongs to the account you want to remove and store the id’s.
Update the identified tickets and set the new customer id.
After the change the old customer account should not own any tickets and can be deleted.

Another useful option might be using the organization feature. Create a Organization and assign both accounts to the organization. He can see all his tickets from both accounts and work with them.

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