How to use mariadb when installing zammad with apt-get on ubuntu

I want to move zammad to a bigger server

apt will install with postgres. I have an old installation with mariadb and want keep maridb.

Yes I can install from source but apt-get upgrade is then no more possible for zammad :frowning: So how can I switch database when I install via apt-get?

What else I need to do?

I make a backup witch and restore it on the new server what else I need to do to migrate it to the new server?

install mariadb before zammad.

zammad depends on…postgresql|mariadb-server|sqlite
see apt-cache show zammad
so, if you install mariadb first, zammad will use MariaDB.

(works on Debian 9)

I tried it but unfortunately it’s not the case. I know this was the case with older versions :frowning:

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