How to send public mails from other groups


  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0

we have the E-Mail channel as single only channel. Mails in our service mailbox are assigned to the initial service group.
However we also have groups like “2nd level support A” and “2nd level support B”. When tickets are applied to such a group, the agents are not able to send public mails (reply / reply to all) to the customer. The buttons don’t exist.
Do we really need a separate E-Mail-Channel per group?
We have lots of other groups defined such as sales and different 2nd level supports.

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I encountered the same issue, and it seems you need to have an email channel per group. But i do agree it would be practical if there was a catch all email channel for outgoing mail.

Maybe our setup is wrong. We are using groups for assigning tickets to other groups of agents, eventhough the incoming and outgoing mailbox is the same. This is not possible to configure in Zammad. We would need separated mailboxes in zammad for every group. Using Alias adresses only would result in 2 groups seeing the same incoming mail duplicated as it is always required to configure an incoming and outgoing per account. It’s not possible to set different outgoing mail accounts only.

maybe you can use something else to separate the tickets, maybe a tag, or create a custom field, with a tree/dropdown containing all your groups. Also you should be able to reuse your email channel for multiple groups, at least that seems the case in zammad 3.6.x, so maybe you have to upgrade in that case.

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I found that even on 3.4.0 I can choose the same Email on every group without additional Email channels/mailboxes. For now this should solve this issue.

In my opinion it’s not a good workflow to send emails to your local system.
Why? Because you’re sending a email via your smtp server which adds extra delay.

You also have to ensure ticket references are not available, because if they are you may end up in the same ticket. Zammad is sticky with it’s references.

Best way imho is to create a new ticket in the correct group of question.
A phone ticket should be good enough for that I believe.

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