How to invoke initial welcome email


I would like to understand how I can create a new account for my customers and distribute them initial login credentials. I can create a new user, that is not a problem, however this new user does not receive any welcome email etc.

My idea would be to create a user without any password and this user should receive a welcome email with a link where he could set an initial password for his account.

How can I achieve this functionality?

I use Zammad 3.5.*


Simple answer: you can’t.

The way we handle this is a text in the email notification the user receives when he opens a ticket. We have a paragraph with like “hey did you know you can visit the helpdesk in your browser, just follow the link below and use your e-mail address to login. If you haven’t created a password yet you can do so by clicking on forgot password”.
That’s the easiest way in my opinion.

thanks for the answer

Unfortunately we don’t have this use-case. We allow creating tickets just only already registered customers. So the registration is done in advance and we ask them to reset their password from the login page. However this is not the way how we would like to do it.

Would it be possible to create some trigger like: “if a new user was created, send him an email”? I briefly checked the Trigges page but I’m not sure I would be able to achieve this there.

I’m afraid you can’t, because triggers only react to ticket actions.
See: Limitations — Zammad Admin Documentation documentation

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