How to follow up when the customer uses non standard channels to contact?


I originally posted this in Zammad documentation github but it might be a better fir here.
I have been looking through the docs to see if this is possible.

My customers contacts me via Ebay or other sites where I sell my stuff. So there is no direct email exchange or phone conversations. Therefor setting emails or phone stuff is totally useless in my use case, still I want to use Zammad to record my interactions with the buyers, because it is very hard to keep track of this stuff across multiple sites.

Also most platforms send those emails with the platform’s emails so the customer’s email is never exposed, since it is not a direct email.

Here is a simple situation

  • Buyer uses Ebay to contact me
  • I create a ticket in Zammad
  • I add both the buyer’s initial ticket and my own response there. I later paste my response back in those commercial site’s ccommunication pages.
  • So far so good
  • Now the customer contacts me the second (or third ) time about the same issue but with more stuff
  • I can’t find a way to add second response from the customer in the same ticket thread in Zammad and I do not want to create a new ticket, since it is the same ticket as the initial one.

Is this workflow possible ?

Personally I think that this workflow is possible, but I also think that it won’t make any fun.
You would have to copy all information by your own and then when having a duplicate, you’d need to search for it, as you’re not using any default channel like E-Mail. Zammad can’t support you with that.

We currently lack a ebay integration and until now we also had no inquiries for custom devleopments (as nobody could describe us, what they really want :slight_smile: ). Maybe you could workaround that with the API, but out of the box will be hard.

You can find further information about our API here:

Well copy pasting is not the issue to me. That needs to be done manually since there is no direct channel. That is not Zammad’s fault.

In my case I am not using Zammad as the communicator (since I cant communicate with the client/buyer directly), I am using it for the interaction manager if you will. Lets say you are selling on Gumroad , Steam or EBay. Or mix of those.

The main question I have is this.

  • I get an email from a buyer from some site about my product.
  • I create a ticket in Zammad with the initial detail from the customer (phone talk ticket)
  • I add my reply to the ticket
  • I then copy my own reply in Zammad and paste in the original paltform messaging as a reply to the customer.
  • Then the customer replies back to my reply which has an initial ticket.

Now how do I enter that reply into the original ticket as a follow up from the customer as the customer? So that I can enter my own reply as (4th entry), which will be pasted back and so on.

It is not like issues are resolved with single exchange.

Ah now I got it better, my bad.

The third reply (so the customer reply) is a bit hard to insert in a good way.
You could overtake the customers view and post this as customer, but this will take time and is a bad workflow in my opinion.

You might want to stick to a API-Script where you can enter the ticket number and the answer text of your customer and upon submitting your script will lookup the ticket and paste the customers answer there.

That would proberbly the way that’s the best.
Of course this needs programming and also security thoughts if you want to host that script public…

I hope this helps at least a bit

Thanks for the reply.

I was using creating separate tickets then merging them into one, but that did not sound right to me.

I will take a look at the API thing. If anyone has a script already I will be happy to use it.

In any case I think there is a market for what I am trying achieve, since probably there are millions of sellers in my shoes from many big sale platforms, well most likely many with rather very small budgets. But I personally would not mind paying for an extension of such.

However I do not pay software as a service like subscription models, at least I can never justify it because my income from such sales is not that big.


Merging would work as well of course, if you’re happy with that solution, you can go with that!
Your decision :slight_smile:

I think our API documentation might come in handy:

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Thanks, can you please tell me whic part of Api that I am going to need to use in a script? I am not very literate about this stuff, so it will take time for me to get a grasp of this.


You basically want to search for tickets and then update them:

Beware: The ticketnumber is not the id, so you’ll need to search for the ticket number (as this is all you have normally).

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