How to customise the Agent reply email

Hi Zammad

We have been using Zammad for over 6 months and it is great

One thing I would like some help on is when an agent replies to tickets, the reply email sent to the client does not include our company signature or the URL link back to the ticket as it does for when agents are emails or when a ticket is closed

Within the trigger settings we can see the default triggers for new/open etc but there is no trigger or area we can find to edit the “reply” email that is sent to include our company signature or the URL link

Any tips?

Our setup has the signatures associated with the group. When an agent hits the reply button in Zammad, it auto adds the signature according to that group.

Do you have signatures setup? Then do you have them selected in the group?

Hi Sal
Thank you for your reply

Yes, I have set up an email signature

How do I assign this to a group?

I have found it thank you :slight_smile:

Happy to hear you got it sorted out. :slightly_smiling_face:

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