How to create a daily automatic ticket?

How to create an automatic daily ticket for a daily internal task and assign it to a technician?

I dont think auto-create ticket is possible with current set of features in zammad.
However there may be a workaround :
What you can do is set up emails with zammad and send automated e-mails to your zammad which will create a ticket for you. In the body you can mention the Technician Name or Code and use Triggers/Scheduler to assign the Created Ticket to the Technician.

Do you have a trigger or scheduling model that works?

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You have not given much detail in your opening post. But you can play around with State & Action and check what works.
Generally speaking you can have State as new/open and Article text containing Technician name and set action as change owner to that Technician Name.

But to tell you the truth I think you are using this quite wrong. Why would you create an automated daily task for a technician specifically? I believe your business process needs to be optimized here.

You can create tickets automated by using Zammads API from a script that triggers it from outside.
There’s no option to trigger automated ticket creation from within Zammad as of now.

Please also don’t wildly mention people on this board.
Please keep in mind that this is a free community with people offering their help on a volunteer basis.

If you require business grade support, we can help you with that.

Edit: Forgot the API link to help you further:

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Sorry, Mr.
I’ll try this option. Thanks!

How is business support charged?

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