How to Change IP Address in Zammad

Used Zammad version: 3.3

  • Used Zammad installation source:Package
    Operating system: CentOs

I have to change my Zammad server IP address, Need to know what steps/modifications i have to do.
In first step i change IPs in /etc/network/interfaces
What will be next steps one by one?


It’s more about Apache/nginx settings.
You access to Zammad with IP or domain?

Zammad installed as VM and i access via SSH ( IP ).

Then you have to change your hosts IP address as known from best practises and later on adjust your virtual host configuration of your webserver. If your Zammad uses the IP address as FQDN, you also have to adjust that.

Beside of that, Zammad usually doesn’t care about ip addresses from your host.

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Thank you, Only host IP address change worked for me. :relaxed:

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