How to autosave new tickets?


we face this situation quite often:
We’re writing an e-mail for a customer and another customer calls. I pick up the phone, the customers askes a question about a ticket, I open another zammad ticket and the e-mail I’ve started to write is gone. Depending on how much effort there is already in this e-mail it’s quite annoying to rewrite the whole content again.

Is there a feature like in the other already existing tickets to autosave written text within the new ticket page? How can I enable that?


I changed the category to “Technical assistance”, because what you’re talking about is a core functionality of Zammad.

Zammad does save all ticket states from tickets you have opened in a tab. As soon as you close the tab, you’ll discard changes. Normally Zammad does warn you.

if this is not working for you, please provide more information e.g.:

* Zammad-Version: 
* Installation Type: 
* Browser and OS used: 
* Are there any modifications on Zammad code?: 
* Used Webserver: 
* Used Database-Server: 

### Steps to reproduce the issue:

Hi MrGeneration,

thank you for your reply.

To reproduce the issue create a new ticket via the + button at the bottom left of zammad. Start writing an e-mail. You’re not ready yet and you don’t want to send the e-mail, but a call comes in and you need to open another ticket. Later on you would like to go back to the e-mail you started to write. But it’s gone.

If this is a core functionality, where are drafts of newly created e-mails saved?

We’re using zammad in this setup:

* Zammad-Version: zammad-3.1.0-1569535934.b232e9fb.centos7.x86_64
* Installation Type: RPM
* Browser and OS used: Firefox on Windows 10
* Are there any modifications on Zammad code?: No
* Used Webserver: nginx
* Used Database-Server: postgres

What do you mean with “it’s gone”? When you open a ticket, it should show up as a tab in the left sidebar: Tabs — Zammad User Documentation documentation

Do these tabs vanish on their own in your installation? They shouldn’t, they should only vanish when you manually close them, and if there are open changes, Zammad should warn you before you can close the tab:


There’s one known bug where the warning doesn’t work when you’ve closed the browser tab in the meantime (#2413) though.

If this is a core functionality, where are drafts of newly created e-mails saved?

Open changes are contained in the respective tab. So if you start to write a reply in a tab, it should be inside this tab as long as you don’t close the tab.

Okay I can partly reproduce the issue.
It only affects situations where you reload the webapp or logoff.
Zammad seems to discard all saves except for the first one.

That’s a bit unexpected.
Creating a Bug-Report at this very moment.

Edit: See this: Zammad forgets draft data upon refreshing when having more than one new ticket draft · Issue #2786 · zammad/zammad · GitHub


That’s great, I didn’t see that the not sent tickets are listed in the sidebar as well. I just saw the tickets I’ve opened. Thank you for your help.

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