How to add chat to user's MyTicket page


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.5.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: package
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04

How to turn on the chat on user’s side? In MyTickets page there’s only possibility to create tickets and that’s all.
I read a block in admin panel about chat - found out that there’s need to insert a code into webpage. But where to find the file corresponding to MyTicket page?

It’s starnge that there’s no possibility to easy turn on the chat for the users or maybe I’m looking in wrong direction?

You’ll need to enable chat functionality.
Go to settings Channgels -> Chat and turn on the Chat.

Insert the code for the chat you’ll find further below and put it onto your webseite.

on the left site, below your overviews, you’ll now find “customer chat”
If you turn that on, the chat will appear on your webseite (as at least one agent is available and willing to chat)

Thanx for the answer.
But what if my website is zammad service desk itself? I don’t need to make other sites. How can I use chat possibility within Zammad installation?

Sorry, this isn’t the way this feature works.
The thought of this chat is not for internal chats like Slack or Mattermost, but for external contacts - you can turn chats into a ticket for example.

You’ll need a website this is builtin.

Let me explain.
For example - I installed zammad and the resource has name helpdesk.mycompany,com and this address I’ll give to cutomers.
If customer has a problem then he goes to that resource and there’ll be common for all of them helpdesk page with:
1, Possibility to login to their accounts and create/view tickets
2. Chat on it to communicate with agents

All above are based on one installation of zammad
Hope you understood me :slight_smile:


yes I’m sure I understood you.
On the zammad pages themself, you cannot integrate the chat for your customer.

What you can do, to not install another webserver and also use the same FQDN, you can add a location directive within nginx so that you can use a index-file for serving the chat only. Something like:

  location /chat/ {
    root /var/www/whereever-you-want/but-not-in-zammad-directory;

This would be “” (index.html) serving the chat. You can style it a bit if you need. That’d be the only way I can think of right now.

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