How do you properly wind down a group?

We have a group in Zammad that was specific to a certain topic, but now we no longer think the separate group is justified, and we want to track new tickets for this topic in our main Support group.

Ensuring that new emails will be piped to the main Support group is a simple change in our mail server, but there are other aspects that seem to be relevant when winding down a group, and as far as I can tell, there aren’t currently any documented best practices for this.

I currently see the following issues:

  • The overview that only shows tickets in the old group is now pointless, but this is easy to solve. Just delete the overview, and configure the overview for the main Support group to display tickets from both groups.
  • This still leaves the problem that the group will show up in group lists (e.g. when editing or creating a ticket), so that unaware agents might move or create tickets into the old group.
  • There is the option to disable the group, but this will prevent agents from accessing tickets in the group.

There seem to be two possible solutions:

  • Remove “create” permissions in the group from all agents. I’m not sure if this’ll work, but it might prevent agents from creating or moving tickets into the old group, and hopefully also removes the group from all the lists?
  • Create a scheduler that moves all the tickets from the old group into the new group (possible tagging them during the move, so that their relationship isn’t lost), and after it’s done, disable the old group.

I’m curious how other admins have dealt with this situation. Any insights?

If we do come up with sensible best practices, we probably should document them in .

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