How can I modify a mail notification

Hello ! I need your help about my problem so I want to change something in this message from notification mail in zammad but I did not find this message in trigger :
zammad Helpdesk Notification
Hello Lita ,

The ticket (TEST SUPP) was updated by “Nicole Braun (Zammad Foundation)”.

Condition: new -> closed

@MrGeneration Can you help me ?

I guess you’re talking about agent notifications.

Agent notifications (and system mails in general excluding trigger based and agent triggered answers to customers) can be found here:

Please note that changes on these files are not update save.
This means that you’ll have to edit the affected files after every update.

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@MrGeneration I apologize but I can say that I want to modify a few sentences on this message but I did not find this message then where I can find it to modify and also I do not understand
what the role of this file that you send me. thank you for response time :blush:

I provided you the folder that contains the notification files for each dependend situation.

@MrGeneration so where I can add my message on this file I think it’s impossible! and I did not find a trigger of this message for I made the modification then what is the solution? is there another method to find this message and to change the model of this message exactly

I am waiting for your answer :slight_smile:

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